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Rose Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool


Helps With Lymphatic Drainage . lifting . Reduces Puffiness .


The Gee Beauty Gua Sha jade tool works to energize the skin and reduce puffiness, while it increases blood flow and flushes toxins via lymphatic drainage, giving a brightened and lifted appearance to the skin.

How-to Use

When using the Gua Sha tool, ensure the skin is hydrated with a serum or oil to create a smooth slip for the tool to glide with. Using medium pressure, move the tool in upwards and outward motions from the edges of the nose and mouth up into the cheekbone and temple. Start using the wider curved side, and then flip the tool to the deeper curved side to target the contour of the cheekbones and along the jawline. When going along the neck, move in a downwards motion to drain lymph-nodes. When using the tool around the eyes, come as close to the lash lines as possible to drain water retention and alleviate puffiness. For a cooling effect, keep the Gua Sha in the fridge, which also works to reduce redness and inflammation of breakouts and blemishes.

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Key Facts

Helps With Lymphatic Drainage
Reduces Puffiness

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“I am obsessed with this tool! It instantly reduces puffiness and sculpts my entire face within 2 minutes of use. I suggest this tool for everyone!” -Stephanie Gee