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Arrae Sleep Capsules



For the deep sleep women deserve.

  • Promotes restful and uninterrupted sleep
  • Helps achieve deep REM sleep
  • Acts fast and also regulates sleep cycle over time
  • Works without causing morning drowsiness or dependency
  • Formulated without melatonin 

5 Amazing Reasons Why These Will Help You Sleep Better

  1. Promotes deep sleep without the daytime drowsiness
  2. Regulates your sleep cycle for consistent energy levels
  3. Works in under an hour to help you fall asleep
  4. Suppresses anxiety to get rid of restlessness
  5. Created with natural & potent ingredients

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Key Facts

GABA- for regulating neurons CHAMOMILE- for inducing sleep
VALERIAN ROOT- for calming the nervous system
HOLY BASIL- for regulating cortisol HOPS- for reducing insomnia & anxiety

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