NATALIE GEE | Gee Beauty

Natalie Gee

Gee Beauty co-founder


“I could play with makeup all day, but I really got into the beauty business to connect with people. I’m so inspired by our clients. They energize me to be creative, expressive & to continue to design beauty solutions that help them feel their best.”

- Natalie Gee




One of the ways I like to communicate & express myself is through my personal style. My look constantly evolves & reflects my lifestyle especially as a working mother with three young kids. I want other moms to know that they can get out the door on time without completely sacrificing beauty, even if it means finding that single, go-to step—we stock some incredible multitasking products.

Regardless of my clientele’s station in life, I believe in using beauty as a form of self-expression. Most people don’t wear the same designer every day, so it should be the same for their beauty routine. I love to show clients how to transition from the gym—yes, there are fitness-friendly faces—to work to nighttime. In addition to perfecting our signature Gee Beauty Brow, some of the tips I like to share are creating a quick and effective skin-care regimen, fresh and glowing skin, and a fun or dramatic eye look.



I’m here to share my knowledge, whether during a one-on-one appointment or digitally through our website’s tutorial videos. By providing fresh content, I hope to teach more people how to be beautiful and confident inside and out.