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Looking for a wintertime glow? It's all about oils. Yes, they can help you retain more moisture and radiance. No, the right one won't leave your skin feeling heavy or greasy. Read on for the why/when/how/who...


They create a protective layer on the skin and can fight wrinkles, reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin, and deliver more hydration and glow for a radiant, younger-looking complexion. Plus the soothing texture helps nourish and calm irritated skin due to colder temperatures, travel and environmental triggers.


Work your skincare from thinnest to thickest. That generally means applying serums first, then an oil, and finish with a cream if needed. Try one out at night a few times a week, gradually increasing use as needed morning or night.


Apply 3-4 drops to the palm of the hand and pat onto face (neck and chest too!) at night. In the morning, apply 1-2 drops for a gorgeous glow, or mix into moisturizer for a more illuminating finish. Try mixing a body oil into your moisturizer or on damp skin after a bath. We love Tata Harper's Revitalizing Body Oil. Oils of course work wonders on hair too: Oribe's Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil soothes and smoothes ends, repairs and revitalizes for instantly healthier-looking hair. Le Labo's Perfume Oils are the perfect alcohol-free (= less drying) safflower-oil based, long-lasting fragrances that moisturize and can also be applied to the hair (or a man's beard!).


There's an oil for every skin-type. Dry: As the pioneer in this category, Linda Rodin's Olio Lusso Face Oil is a blend of essential oils that delivers incredible illumination and nourishment for a gorgeous, dewy complexion. Sunday Riley's Juno Oil is an all-in-one, anti-aging wonder - a blend of fast absorbing oils high in natural retinol, omega-3, 6 and 9, vitamin C plus anti-inflammatory agents that give you an 'obsession-worthy' glow. Sensitive: Dr. Sebagh's Rose de Vie serum is a lighter blend with rose essence that calms, hydrates and leaves the skin feeling supple and soft. Oily: It’s all about clarifying and purifying to balance the complexion. The right oil can actually help manage the sebum (oily substance the skin produces that sometimes clogs pores). Try Sunday Riley's Artemis Oil to balance, sooth, and clarify.
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