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What our clients say

My treatments at Gee Beauty are always exceptional.

Jessica knows exactly what my skin needs. I leave with dewy, clear skin every visit & I couldn't be happier.

They are always updating, always have the latest & greatest treatments & products. I would only trust my skin care to Gee Beauty!

- Leora R.

Gee Beauty is a welcome, outstanding place to find top professional help for all things related to the perfection of personalized skin care and beauty needs. The first day I walked through the door I knew it was the perfect fit for all my requirements. The personnel at Gee Beauty from the top to the bottom have a warm way of greeting you, organizing your treatments, and sending you onyour way with new things to nourish your skin and replenish your soul. Gee Beauty actively researches the latest in skin care- they are always on the leading edge. Laser treatments are top notch and extremely professional. For me, Gee Beauty is first class and extra special in every way...a real Canadian Gem.

- Pat W.

There are only a few people who can, in short order, make a very real difference to the face we present to the world. Anna is one of these truly gifted individuals.

From the outset it is clear she knows what she is doing, & sets about it calmly and efficiently. In short order, she transforms the skin to a flawless, radiant finish.

There are so many advantages to this: a joy in waking up & not groaning at the sight of a tired, haggard face.

The ease of applying only a kiss of sunblock before venturing out for the day.

The delight of a friend remarks on how good you & your skin look. The security of crawling into bed late & night knowing your skin looks as dewy as it did in the morning.

All this gifted in the hands of Anna. Skin that has been treasured may indeed be everlasting.

- Sharon G.

Skin Tightening makes my skin feel & look much tighter than it did before I started this treatment.

Wtih Skin Rejuvenaiton my pores have diminished in size & the tiny veins on my nose have disappeared.

The Medical Masks have given my skin a glow & is almost flawless.

They also have a tightening effect on my skin & I feel my skin’s elasticity has also improved.

Interceuticals oxygen is an amazing treatment as it plumps up your skin & gives you an amazing glow.

I am totally addicted to all of these treatments.

The staff at Gee Beauty go above and beyond the call of duty. They are always willing to help you & to also help you achieve your goals. I feel my skin has a more youthful look since I’ve been doing these treatments. I absolutely love everything about Gee Beauty!

- Joyce C.