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@stephgeebeauty: Moving Forward Mindfully

Mindful Habits I Will Honour As We Move Forward With Life

As we begin to move forward with our lives, slowly and safely, I'm becoming reflective of my time in quarantine and the habits I've cultivated while staying home. These habits and routines have helped anchor me (physically and mentally) during such an unpredictable time. Continuing to honour these habits — no matter how big or small, is a priority for me as we move forward. While they do not solve all the uncertainties, they have become positive pillars that I'm excited to share with you!

Waking Up Early 

I'll admit, switching my alarm from 8:30am to 6:30am was quite a shock. I was honestly nervous my body and mind wouldn't follow through with it! But after 2 weeks of training myself, I now value waking up early more than ever before. Now I'm up and out of bed by 6:45am with a purpose: to set the tone for my day. This extra time allows me to maintain my routines of daily work outs, meditation + prayer, time to prepare my meals for the day and an overall relaxed feeling that I can take my time and not rush. When I make the time for these habits by rising earlier, I have a more positive and productive day.

Energy Work 

If you had told me back in December that I would be burning Palo Santo, smudging my bedroom with Sage before bed and using essential oils to keep me calm, I definitely would not have believed you! But, I am proud to say that these rituals have changed my life and I am excited to continue them in my daily practice.

For many of us, during this Pandemic, our homes have become our offices, gyms, restaurants, living space and more and I was finding it hard to honour my home as my own space. I took to these wellness practices to clear any negative energy I brought into the space (via my thoughts or by leaving the news on my TV all day) and to centre my spirit when I was leaning out of balance. 

I'm so excited that we now retail Smudged.Co, a brand of Palo Santo and Sage pieces, so you can try these rituals in your morning or evening routines. I personally love the smell of Palo Santo and burn it before my daily meditation and I use my essential oils virtually all day. A tip my mother, Miriam Gee, shared with me is to put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the shower floor and let the hot water steam the shower before you walk into it. When you do, it feels and smells like a spa. It's heavenly! My favorite essential oils are Vitruvi's Lavender and Eucalyptus




In the morning, I take a moment to reflect on the day ahead. I ask myself questions like: what do I need before I leave the house? My purse becomes my sanctuary when I leave the house. I make sure it is prepared for all my needs - from a mask to food to my own pen to an essential oil. I feel more calm going into spaces knowing all my armour is in my personal bag. 

In the evening, I take a moment before I fall into sleep to think about what I would like to do differently tomorrow. Each day brings us new experiences we learn from and allow us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves. One concept that I have honed in on during this time is to focus on the control I do have and to let go of what I cannot control. This includes control over my energy, my thoughts and my body's nourishment. This conscious awareness has and will continue to impact all of my decisions. When I feel confident in what I can control, it is easier for me to let go and put my trust and faith in the universe. 

I hope the habits I've shared act as a guide in what feels like a big unknown shift in our lives. What I can tell you is that we are in this together. No one is exempt. We are trying our best, considering the exceptional circumstances, and my belief is that this too shall pass, for us to grow wiser and with more love.

Stay safe and healthy.

With love,


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