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We Are What We Consume

Welcome to my first ever blog post! 

I'm so happy you're here. 

If we haven't met before, I'm Stephanie Gee and for the past year I have been dedicatedly sharing my life on my Instagram @stephgeebeauty. My Instagram has become my living blog where I share my thoughts, inspirations, workouts, meals, skincare routines and more. While I love Instagram, I've come to realize that I want my content to live on other platforms that allow me to express and share more in depth, which is why I'm here - writing my first blog post. Before we dive in, I want to say that what I share here is from my life's perspective. I am a skin and beauty expert, entrepreneur, young woman and individual sharing my own experiences that I hope resonate with you. 


We Are What We Consume

We've all heard the expression "You Are What You Eat", which makes it's point but what has continued to prove itself to me is that "We Are What We Consume". As we know, it's incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the idea that others have it better than we do, that we need to accomplish a particular achievement by a certain age, or that if our friends believe in something, we should believe the same. Being in my mid-twenties, you have my complete confidence when I say that I have gotten caught up and overwhelmed more times than I can count. We live in a world where content and information sharing is never ending, making self-reflection challenging to do. However, I'm here to remind you (and myself) that we are the CEO's of our lives. We are in control for what we want to consume. I'm going to share 5 tips for how to realign, refocus and redirect our consumption for a clearer mind.


#1. Add More Plants

In our homes, in our meals and to our vision. Being surrounded by more greenery has been proven to decrease stress, improve quality of air and reduce inflammation internally. Start simply at home with a big green leaf in a simple vase. Not only will this responsibility be small to maintain, having a plant will bring a fresh new energy into your home. In your diet, try going plant based for 2 weeks and see how you feel. For me, eating plant based was one of the most positive decisions I made - more energy, clearer skin, smoother tummy and happier disposition. Visually, this may seem silly, but change the background of your phone to something scenic and beautiful. We don't think about how much we look at our 'locked screen' image a day and seeing something plentiful and green will change up your vision for something more positive.

#2. Mute It

If he/she/they/it on Instagram is not serving you: mute it. It's one of the best options Instagram has ever invented. It's only natural that we outgrow people, interests and things, and if you're not quite ready to unfollow, simply mute that account for a while. It's empowering to see what newness you bring into your feed as you make space for it.


#3. Quality Over Quantity 

As much as our phones can inundate us, so can the people we surround ourselves with. If you're reading this blog, I encourage you to think about all the relationships you're in. If you're in a relationship (friend, romantic, work) that is draining your energy, use this as your gentle nudge to take your space and re-evaluate. Only you know what is best for you.  

#4. Work It Out

Working out and being active is a gift that I do not take for granted. For me, working out is a mental necessity for clarity, problem solving and inner peace. Consuming the positive energy of the instructor and of others around me in the class who are committed to their self improvement, ignites and influences me to the be the best version of myself. If you're looking for inspiration, try a Barry's Bootcamp or F45 class and you'll see what I mean. 


#5. Take A Breath

Whatever it may be - too much time on your phone, a challenge at work, being in a rush - take a moment to close your eyes and take 4 slow and deep inhales and exhales. Our breath can bring us back to alignment (as I've learned from @melissawoodhealth) and is a tool to refocus us. Once you've opened your eyes, try to be more objective of what you are consuming and see how you can change it. We make better choices when are less stressed. 

I hope you enjoyed this. For more content like this, follow me on IG @stephgeebeauty

Speak soon


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