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How To: Stephanie Gee's Summer Faux Glow

For as long as I can remember, I've been wearing self-tanner. I love the way it looks and feels - it gives my skin a warm glow with even-toned, natural-looking color from the sun.

Keep reading to learn how I’ve perfected my application over the years, the best tips to prep my skin beforehand, and how to make the color last.

1. Make Your Pre-Tan Shower Count

I take, what I call my 'big' shower once a week. I do a fully body exfoliation, shave, leave a hair mask on for 5 minutes, and wash every crevasse with detail. The cleaner and smoother the skin, the better the tan.

2. Layer Your Tanning Products

After I shower, I towel dry and apply 2 types of tanning products. First, I use the Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir. This is like a primer for your tan. It dries instantly and makes my tan last a full 7 days. After the elixir, I layer the Vita Tanning Mousse in medium. I wear 2 mitts, one on each hand, to blend my tan evenly. I learned this trick from Natalie and I will never go back.

3. Tanning Your Face

For my face, I use 3-4 drops of Dr. Sebagh's Self-Tanning Drops. This a serum blend that does not clog my pores. I use it after my toner and before the rest of my skincare routine. It gives a beautiful kiss of colour to the face.

Image via @drsebagh

4. Drying Off

I have a little hand held fan and I dry any areas that are prone to sweat. This helps the tan dry quickly and evenly.

5. Put On Comfortable, Loose, Dark Clothes To Sleep In

You may get tan on the clothes, so avoid wearing light colours. If you do get the product on your clothes, it should come off in the washing machine. It works perfectly for me.

6. The Morning After

The following morning, I don't rinse my body, but if you prefer to, then go for it! I apply the Delaheart Jojoba Oil. It doesn't remove my tan at all. It hydrates my skin and doesn't leave a film. It makes my tan shine even brighter and dries instantly.

    Follow these steps and enjoy the faux glow!

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