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Everything Natalie Gee Is Loving This Month

"This holiday season for me is really all about being more in the moment & being thankful."

Keep reading for everything Natalie is loving this month - from her feel-good rituals to food to her favorite Gee Beauty products.

What I’m Saying:

As a mom of 3, I’m embracing a little more “yes” and letting go of a little “no” when it comes to my kids having their cake, and eat it too! Enjoying all the small moments and special time together, and if bedtime is a tiny bit later than usual, it’s all good for us.


What I’m Doing:

When it comes to my morning and evenings, I’ve decided to replace the word routine with ritual. My morning and evening practices have become so enjoyable and beneficial that I actually look forward to them. It’s not a chore. For me, I would say, no matter what it is, find what you really enjoy. Morning rituals include prayer, exercise, and making my kids their lunch. Night rituals include a non negotiable bed time! A rested Natalie makes for a much happier Natalie! 


What I’m Eating:

I’ve been so into Bone Broth lately! I know I may be years late to the broth game but I’m in it now! I like how savory the flavor is, my fav is Owl Venice Mushroom and Seaweed Broth. 



What I’m Wearing:

Doing my makeup with you on IGTV has been such a happy part of the year for me, and I’m so grateful for the connection we’ve built together. Prime Skin remains my favorite product of our offering, the ease of how it applies and how natural it looks, always keeps me coming back day over day for it. We have exciting things planned for this range in 2021.


What I'm Giving:

For us, holiday gifting this year means gifting with a purpose. Supporting our local, small businesses is the gift that keeps on giving to us all - in our communities & neighborhoods.

Who doesn't love a mani/pedi? I'm buying gift certificates to my local nail shop, & gifting them to friends. Even if the shop isn't offering services right now, its an amazing way to to help support until they can re-open.

From Gee Beauty, the Agent Nateur's Holi(sex) Intimate Oil is a luxurious oil to get creative with at home. The Holi(oil) Ageless Face Serum is also an excellent holiday gift. Our 'Lady Godiva' Lip Liner and 'Renoir' Blush are my favorite stocking stuffers! Who wouldn't love that? 


Image via Agent Nateur

What I’m Planning:

My 2021 goal is: Kindness is King, Be the Queen of Cool, & let’s Lead with Love.

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