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Natalie Gee's Travel Beauty Essentials

While summer travel is a much needed escape for your mind, it can also put extra stress on your complexion and body. Dry airplane air, new timezones, unfamiliar foods, and changing climates can majorly throw your routine off track, leading to breakouts, dull skin, and other wellness issues. 

Frequent travellers themselves, the Gee team knows a thing or two about maintaining a glow on the go. 

Because she is constantly travelling for work, Natalie is often asked:

How do I keep my skin healthy while I’m on the go?

Whether you’re traveling for business, with family, or jet-setting solo. Here are the products Natalie never leaves home without — plus, a few fail-proof tips for making your journey even healthier and less stressful.



Natalie Gee, Gee Beauty Co-Founder

Before she had kids, Natalie’s travel routine involved mid-flight applications. But now that she’s a busy mom, she has to improvise, which means taking care of your skin before the hectic travelling begins.

“With two kids in tow, for the latest trip, I knew I would not have time for anything beauty-related while in flight. So I make sure to really soak my skin with a few of my favorite masks the night before.”

Her go-to travel ritual starts with Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser. “This glycolic cleanser really removes dull surfaces from my skin and does the best job of smoothing and refining the skin. I will often take this onto my neck and chest, too.” This cleanser leaves your skin with that squeaky clean feeling, the best way to start a trip.

Natalie then follows with the Dr. Colbert Illumino Brightening Mask. She uses the Jade Roller on top of the sheet mask to penetrate the nourishing ingredients, essentially doubling the illuminating results. The hydrating one-two punch helps prevent any excess puffiness or dehydration from travel the next day. 


Colbert Illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask, Jade Roller.


“While this sheet mask is on the skin, I roll the jade tool over it, which I find really helps penetrate the mask's nourishing ingredients, & works on decompressing any inflammation.”  


Next, Natalie likes to follow with a very hydrating eye cream to lock in as much moisture as she can before her skin is exposed to drying airplane air. 

Finally, Natalie applies a generous layer of Dr. Sebagh Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask into her skin to sleep in. This mask can be used as a cream for extra hydration, no need to rinse it off. 

Gee Beauty Tip: This is our favorite product to travel with because it's great to use while in-flight. Once you find your seat, spritz your face with Gee Beauty Hydration X3 Mist then massage the Hydrating Mask into your skin.


 Natalie's In-Flight Essentials

• Large bottle of sparkling water

• Fruit, preferably pineapple or a banana

• Garden of Life multivitamins, for essential nutrients on the go

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, for the kids and to use rolled up, as travel pillows

    Posted by Christina Fanioudakis