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Gee Women In Business

Celebrating each other today and everyday. Despite the events of the past year, we made it here together with each other - our incredible clients and team. We wanted to take this time to say thank you. We are honored by your support and loyalty. 

To commemorate International Women's Day, partners & mother-daughters Miriam, Natalie, Celene & Stephanie share how they worked together this past year - the challenges, the opportunities and the new ways they stayed connected and creative.

"Last March, one of the most meaningful decisions we made as founders was the immediacy to connect to our incredible community in a deeper way, and to deliver content and information that was of significant value. We wanted to create a path of knowledge and understanding of how to take care of ourselves during this time. The relationship to our clients was strengthened in such a special way - we could never have imagined.

We used each other for encouragement and accountability, and inspired each other to bring freshness and joy in any that felt comfortable. Relying on this support system is what kept us - and continues to - keep us moving forward in any small or big way."

How we stayed connected this year between 2 businesses and 2 countries:

  • We started having personal group Monday morning phone calls to check-in with each other and connect, ahead of any other business calls
  • We group FaceTime a lot!
  • We try our best to shift off of business talk after hours to decompress be present in our personal time
  • We really encourage each other to eat well and stay active, keeping each other motivated every day
  • We constantly share favorite books, podcasts, education, inspiration to keep each other up to date and engaged
  • We try our best to maintain excitement around newness: new ways of communicating, new ways to engage and bring our community fresh content, new products, evening bringing our teams together for new trainings, new service launches
  • Talking to our clients and reading feedback from your Gee Beauty experiences has been an incredible silver lining this year. It truly fuels us, inspires us and motivates us to continue to create, so thank you for blessing us with this honor. 

Doing our best to lead with compassion and kindness, being flexible and understanding, acting with purpose and passion and a strong sense of community were key in staying connected to you, and strengthening our relationships together.

Women-Founded & Women-Focused

Gee Beauty is proud to retail over 20 female-founded brands. Shop women in beauty here.

Gee Beauty is happy to celebrate women and say thank you with a makeup donation to the ShoeBox Project for Women, a registered charity that collects and distributes gift-filled Shoeboxes to women impacted by homelessness in communities across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

We have also made a donation to Small Wonders, which provides support and assistance to Jewish couples experiencing the many challenges of infertility.

P.S. Have you read the Beauty of Business? The Gee women discuss why they love working together, their challenges & what motivates them every day. Read here


With love and gratitude,

Posted by Celene Gee