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Let them grow!

It’s not always about the hair we take away. It can be about the hairs we leave alone. Leave it to the pros. If you can avoid at-home tweezing, it makes it much more beneficial for your brow artist to work with every hair you’ve got. You’d be surprised with what we can do with even the sparsest of hair. We love threading to shape the brows because we can achieve incredible definition without dramatically sharp lines or having them look too “done.” The goal is always for natural-looking definition.


Brows Should Be Sisters Not Twins 

I believe in letting your brows be exactly who they are meant to be. It’s about achieving YOUR best brows. They’re unique to you! When shaping, filling in, or correcting your brows with makeup, keep in mind that a too-perfect looking brow doesn’t look real. They’ll look better when they are not identical.

Have You Tried a Brow Tint?

It’s the quickest way to add definition to your brows and adds fullness to their shape. The colour of the tint can be customized based on your natural hair colour and the look you’re after. It can last up to 2-3 weeks before it fades. Most of my clients add it on to their brow threading session. Ask for it when you book your appointment.

Tools Talk 

Our best at-home tools for maintaining your brows:

Precision Brow Pencil

Introducing new shades of our best-selling brow pencil, I love this product because of how long-lasting this application is. My brows are in place – even after a workout! The super-fine retractable tip allows for the softest fill to something a little more dramatic.

Hi-Brow Tinted Brow Gel

When you’re looking for a little more volume, dimension and colour – Hi-Brow is your brow BFF. You can really create a beautiful shape with this gel, plus it dries, sets and lasts all day. It’s like a mini-tint.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Facial Scrub 

I keep this scrub on my top shelf – both at home and in my beauty-on-the-go kit. It’s a soft mechanical exfoliating scrub that helps to buff the dead skin under my brows. We sometimes overlook this part of our skin, but it can collect dry skin and can get congested from oil. Try exfoliating this area gently once a week!

Jade Roller

In addition to rolling my entire face for detoxifying, lifting and soothing purposes, I love applying it onto the brow area horizontally for all of the same benefits – plus it relaxes the brow area. It’s about giving your brows some love! I roll for about 30 seconds a day, right after I roll my eye cream around the eye area. I keep my jade roller in my fridge for added benefits.

Posted by Christina Fanioudakis