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Stephanie Gee's Day In the Life

"I love Sundays. It's my day to take care of myself, go for a long walk and prep for the week ahead. Come and join me as I walk you through a day in the life with me on a Sunday!"

8:00 am

Wake Up! Before I get out of bed I said Mode Ani, a Jewish prayer thanking G-d for returning my soul to my body.

Then I make my way to my couch, drink water with lemon and sip on my first coffee of the day. It's a cozy moment just for me.

8:20 am

Extra long shower. I add a few drops of the Vitruvi Quiet essential oil blend to the shower floor (a trick my mum taught me) that instantly makes me feel like I'm at a spa.

8:40 am

Skincare. I like to use the Agent Nateur Holi Oil with my Gua Sha for 10 minutes, then rinse off and use a sheet mask to hydrate and soothe my skin. For makeup, I keep it simple on the weekends with just a little concealer, brow gel, bronzer and lipstick.

9:30 am

Grocery shop with my mum. We both love grocery shopping and meal prepping so it's the perfect activity for us to share. Our favorite grocery store is Fiesta Farms (family owned and incredible quality).

12:00 pm

Time to eat! On the weekends I usually make a bowl of leftovers mixed with crunchy greens. By 12pm I've meal prepped and cleaned the apartment, so I like to sit on the couch with my boyfriend, Julien and watch a mid-day movie.

2:00 pm

Go for an extra long walk. Julien and I love to walk through Little Italy, and Trinity Bellwoods park. It's so calming and fun to people watch. When shops were open, we would check out all the cute shops on Ossington and sit outside for a coffee at Manita

5:00 pm

This is my power hour that I commit to my self improvement.

I'll either read (currently reading James Clear's Atomic Habits), watch a Youtube video from Bob Proctor (Law of Attraction teacher), or review my calendar for the week. This practice has really helped me combat the 'Sunday scaries'. 

6:00 pm

Dinner. Lately I've been making salmon and zucchini in the air fryer. I swear my air fryer is magic. Best kitchen appliance ever.

7:00 pm

I open Instagram and share my weekly 'Sunday Style Section'. This is a series I started almost 3 years ago on my IG stories.

It's become a way for me to connect and share images and thoughts that inspire me. It's become a beautiful ritual a lot of people look forward to every Sunday!

9:30 pm

Get ready for bed and take my supplements (currently loving taking Arrae Calm capsules before bed). I aim to be in bed by 10pm and admittedly watch about an hour worth of Tik Toks 🙂

10:30 pm

Just as I turn out the lights, I inhale my Lavender Vitruvi essential oil, lather Dr. Sebagh's Lip Balm on my lips and tie my hair back in my Slip Silk scrunchie.

And that's my day! I hope you enjoyed.



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