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Stephanie Gee's Summer Look

"I'd call my style 'professional chic'. I aim for great fit and trends that reflect my style. I keep to a formula of: jeans + a top + heels + jewelry. I love putting outfits together and after a lot of trial and error, I have found a signature style that makes me feel good! I also have a rule of not looking in the mirror for too long. Once I'm dressed, I take 2-3 outfit pics, make sure everything looks polished and I'm out the door." 

Keep reading for Stephanie's tips on refining her style. 

1. Inspiration! I am huge on 'saving' images on IG. When I see an outfit I love, I save it and refer back to it when I'm getting dressed. I'm on a big Hailey Beiber kick at the moment so bright pink, tight hair buns and oversized t-shirts are on my list!

2. Fit matters most. Being trendy is fun and of the moment, but I seek great fit over anything. If the fit is great, that piece can last you years. When I find a great fitting pair of jeans for my body, I usually buy 2 because I know I'll get great wear out of them.

3. Keep a photo album of outfits you love on yourself. It takes all the guess work out of getting dressed, especially you're pressed for time. I have work looks, day off looks, party looks - all for when I have no idea what to wear. It's so helpful.

    Most importantly, have fun with it!

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