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Gee-Approved Road Trip Essentials

Are We There Yet? That familiar phrase is back! Summer is here and the vibes are good. We're sharing our favorite road-trip hacks (and snacks) to help make the ride smooth and enjoyable, plus our favorite beauty products to pack to hydrate, smooth, soothe and protect along the way.

Keep reading for our Gee-approved road trip essentials.

What We're Packing

  • Bring travel-sized skincare that helps fight congestion or dehydration (or however your skin might react when its in a new environment), like a calming serum with hyaluronic acid and aloe, or a detoxifying mask with clay.
  • Bring small items you love, like a calming tea, wellness supplements, Vitruvi's travel-friendly essential oils or your favourite travel-sized scent.
  • Extra items like hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are always essential.
  • Chic and comfortable outfits while on the road - think sweatsuits, biker shorts and loose tees. Shop apparel at 6 By Gee Beauty here.

What We're Snacking On

  • Always stay hydrated all throughout your travel. Try adding slices of lemon, lime or orange for a citrusy, refreshing taste. We also love enhancing our water with fresh mint and/or sliced cucumber for a fresh, clean taste. Need some inspo? Check out our wellness water boosters here.
  • Cut up fruit in a container is great for grab-and-go and ensures you're getting the important benefits and nutrients.

What We're Doing

  • Download an audiobook beforehand. Especially on a solo road trip, an audiobook can make the perfect companion. 
  • Fun car games, podcasts and playlists are always a hit, especially when you're travelling with kids! Listen to our Gee Beauty playlists here.
  • Bring a book and a note pad. Travel is an amazing opportunity to explore, be inspired and have new experiences!

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Posted by Mona Mahmoudi