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Alan Gee's Lessons Taught + Learned

For a special Father's Day Edition of our Sunday Style & Day In The Life series - Alan Gee, aka Mr. Gee - shares lessons he's taught + learned from his daughters. Keep reading to learn more. 

From Mr. Gee

What I've learned from having three daughters is patience - the importance of it, and that good things take time . I've learned that pink is not a color, it's a shade, with various tones and intricacies. I've learned that drive & ambition is not a male trait. I've learned about self-care, and more importantly care for others.

And finally, I love how all three have gone out into the world in their own unique style and are achieving their dreams.

From The Gee Girls

Our father has always instilled the same set of values, principles and lessons since we were young.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Invest in the best you possibly can, for anything from food, to clothes, to what goes into your home or how you spend your time - good quality stands for something, and you always want to be associated with quality. It doesn't have to be flashy or necessarily expensive. Skip the fads and trends and think longer term.

2. Trust The Experts

Surround yourself with people who have skills that are different from you and your skillset, to achieve the best balance. You don't have to be great at everything, just understand the balance.

3. The Value Of Art, Culture and Travel

These experiences are priceless, and teach us things we can't learn in school or books. Find something you're passionate or even curious about and learn everything you can about it.

4. Think Big Picture, and Small Details

Sometimes we can focus on only what's in front of us, but it's important to widen our viewpoint and dream bigger, while planning out the smaller steps to get there.

5. Be Open to Receiving Valuable Feedback

If someone is asking, give honest feedback that you think could be helpful.

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