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Celene Cuisine: French Press Coffee

"I love the ritual of a french press coffee: how fresh the coarse ground beans are, boiling the water, and waiting for the coffee to brew. Once in a while I love a cinnamon hazelnut flavored coffee."

Celene's newest #CeleneCuisine is all about Sunday morning rituals. Keep reading to find how How Celene makes her favorite french press coffee. 

What I use: 
• Bodum french press
• Coarse ground coffee beans (make sure its ground for a french press, which is coarser than a regular coffee machine)

Step One

For a full carafe, I use 5 tablespoons. Pour hot water over the coffee.

Step Two

Cover with press. Wait ten minutes. 

Step Three

Press down slowly for a perfect cup of coffee.

I love to pair my coffee with sliced bananas with cinnamon and hemp hearts. I love adding them to my fruit for protein and healthy fats.

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Posted by Celene Gee