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Miriam Gee's (Sun)Day In The Life

For me, Sunday is all about re-setting, creating & prepping for the week ahead.


After my morning rituals like saying my prayers, drinking warm water with lemon and then my Super Elixir, I take my dog on a long walk to get some fresh air and to take in nature. I find it so soothing and it's a source of inspiration for me.


10:00 am 

I make myself a coffee, apply a skin mask, listen to a podcast and do some stretching. Sunday is my day for masking everything - my skin, my hair, my body. I apply them in the morning and keep them on all day. (Read my masking secrets here).

12:00 pm

I connect with friends & family over the phone with longer conversations than I'm able to have during the busy week.


Meal prep for the week. Lately I'm into cooking plant-based soups, roasting vegetables, as well as fresh fish and big salads so that I can easily pull from the fridge during the week. Taking this time on a Sunday to think about my nutrition really helps me feel nourished and satisfied while I eat a quick lunch in between meetings during the week. I'm super into broccoli right now and I've been making my own veggie burgers with them. Recipe coming soon!


Creative time. I've always been inspired by visuals, so I love to look through my magazines for inspiration and to help bring to life or visualize a project I'm working on. Everything from the makeup, the models, the set design, the storytelling - it all allows my mind to dream my ideas into reality. I create mood boards for each project or idea I have.




I love to have an early dinner on Sundays. Grilled or roasted chicken, big salads and lots of roasted veggies like eggplant, carrots and cauliflower are family favorites.


I plan my outfits for the week. I've always loved to express my creativity through fashion (which is my professional background, I was in the editorial world for many years working in fashion and beauty). I lay out the clothes and accessories, and even think about my makeup looks. Then I do my nightly skincare routine (read all the details here). If I have some time I'll watch some lessons on Masterclass.com.


I have such a thirst for knowledge, I'm always learning & curious. I think staying curious is the secret to staying young at heart.




To unwind and relax before bed, I take a shower and add some drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the floor of the shower. The steam then creates a diffuser-like effect, its incredible. I try to finish the shower with a blast of cold water to really boost circulation. l then add a few drops of essential oils to my pillows and I make a cup of WelleCo Sleep Tea - its so calming. I like to use my palo santo sticks to also really create a soothing, calm experience which signals that its time to unwind and get into bed. I say my prayers and also do a brief meditation.

Lastly before bed I apply a few drops of Dr. Sebagh Rose De Vie Serum to my face, chest and hands and to really seal in all my skincare for the night's repair.

I keep the bottle on my nightstand because its my all time favorite.

I love to visualize a successful week ahead! xx

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