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Natalie Gee's Tips for Rest During the Week

The quality of your sleep and your sleep habits can impact your mood and overall wellness. I can attest to that after having kids! I have adapted these sleep aids into my lifestyle routine and have seen and felt huge differences.

  • Airplane Mode. From 60-30 minutes before bed, until 6am, my phone is outside of my bedroom charging and on airplane mode. I don’t allow phones to charge in any of the bedrooms in my home at night.

  • Body Oil. I love a good body moisturizer, but I never miss a night applying a body oil. Even on top of cream of self tan, I find the oil nourishes and calms my skin to a great state of relaxation.

  • Water with lime bedside (I prefer it to lemon). This trick had helped me so much with my morning routine. By making my water and lime at night, I am sure to drink first thing when I wake up. Mornings with young children get busy, so this prepared tip really helps me stay on track.

  • Essential Oil + Lip Balm. I keep these both next to my bed and I like to apply my lip balm once I’m in bed. I also like breathing in an oil right before I sleep, I take 5 deep breaths of whatever essential oil I am asking myself for. Right now it’s Wild Orange.

  • Prayer/ Journal. Once everyone in my house is sleeping and I am in bed, I like to say a few words of gratitude and or journal what I am grateful for. I appreciate my sleep so much more when I communicate my gratitude for my day. 

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  • Create the ideal sleeping environment by keeping your bedroom cool, quiet, and dark. Draw the shades, and turn off anything that might make noise during the night. Invest in a comfortable bed, pillow, blanket, and sheets that are soothing and make you feel relaxed.

  • Preform soothing rituals such as taking a hot bath or sipping a hot tea. I love a relaxing tea like the Moon Juice Dream Dust to soothe any tension and stress before bed.

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      Posted by Jocelynn Hartleib