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Which Gee Are You Most Like?

The signature GEE mix of makeup, skincare, tools, wellness, lifestyle and accessories really comes from the mix of the 4 Gee women. We each have different skin types and goals, different personalities and preferences, styles and ways of maintaining our beauty regimens. That's how we try, test and vet any product or brand we stock, and how you know that we stand behind it: one or all of us fall in love with it! 

Play along and find out which GEE beauty personality you're most like! 


  • Up early in the morning and multi-tasking and multi-masking, usually involving a skin tool or two
  • Tries the latest technologies and formulas and likes to be experimental when it comes to beauty even though her skin can be sensitive
  • Wears leopard like a neutral and when it comes to accessories, the bigger, the better
  • Loves being in nature, good documentaries and trying new recipes in the kitchen 

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    • Wakes up early for self-care time before 3 kids get up
    • Loves to try new wellness rituals
    • Never afraid to try (and rock) new makeup looks
    • Sunglasses are her accessories staple
    • Loves uniform dressing and finding your signature look, yet always up to date on trends and incorporating them in a personal way
    • Dry skin that needs all the oils, creams, and weekly exfoliations 

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      • Likes what she likes: sticks to tried-tested-trusted skin regimen, introducing new products slowly
      • Big believer that beauty begins from within, and from the gut for sure
      • Never not wearing a neutral palette
      • Needs music playing for pretty much everything
      • The most introverted of the Gee women
      • Dry sense of humor that you need to pay attention to or you miss the joke

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        • Only Gee on TikTok
        • Loves to meal prep and go on long walks
        • A multi-tasking mastermind
        • Tries, tests and approvals all skincare and tools for oily skin types
        • Geeks out on skin education (Have you seen Stephanie's latest @geebeauty IG Reel on 4 ways to improve your skin? Watch here.)
        • Never met a blazer she didn't like
        • Can recite all the lines from FRIENDS

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          Which Gee Are You Most Like?

          Posted by Celene Gee